Update on upcoming travels!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated but you know how it is when life gets you busy! I’m definitely going to try to get back to writing more and that’s actually the main reason for this post! Just want to post some updates and things to come! If you check out my Instagram you can see what type of stuff I’m … Read More

Caeden Sona – Fitness/Health Tracker

So between traveling for work and play, going around NYC and working out, I was starting to think, “man, I really need a fitness tracker…” steps for everyday metrics would be nice, and maybe a heart rate monitor for when I’m at the gym. After tons of research and review-reading, I found the Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden. I wanted something … Read More

Mini-Vacation to Las Vegas – September 2016

For those who follow my Instagram (link in the menus), you’ll know I went to Vegas for a weekend! I really needed a break and it was just what the doctor ordered! There is no “common” Vegas experience as everyone has different ways of enjoying it! Me, a little day clubbing, some lounging by the pool, some night clubbing, a … Read More

Europe 2014 – London

London… a place that stole my heart! Out of all the cities on my trip, London was my favorite. Maybe it was the fact that I spent the last two months-ish in a country that didn’t speak too much English and I was just glad to be able to understand people again … or maybe this city is so diverse … Read More

Europe 2014 – Florence Rome Zurich Amsterdam Paris!!

Florence This was actually my first time in Florence and there’re tons to do here! This is actually (at the time) my favorite city in Italy. Everyone always goes on about Rome and Venice for it’s old Italian charm, but I’m from a big city and it takes a big city to take my heart. I love how some ruins … Read More

New Updates! – (& Summer Semester in Italy)

Welcome to my blog! It’s the 21st century so I figured it was time to join it. Everyone’s blogging, vlogging, then blogging again, so I figured I’d give this a try! Here’s a bit about me. I’ve always been a small bit creative (imo), but I was usually very bad at expressing that side of me. Ever since I started photography, the expressing … Read More