New York City. Born and Raised.

I’m a hobby/aspiring part-time freelance photographer with your typical case of wanderlust. Here, I hope to share the different unique experiences and moments I’ve captured through my travels, in my daily life, and whenever/wherever I am with my camera. Many photographers, myself including, try to plan our shots the best we can with the vision we’ve created in our heads, but I often find that it’s the moments in between all the staging and deliberation is when we get the truly breathtaking shots. It’s really why I love photography, because it lets you capture a moment in time.

I wouldn’t say I’m a world traveler but through my work and in my free time, I get to travel a lot and see a lot of different places. Your usual blogs will take you all over the world, London, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Taipei, Cancun, etc. and I will too! But I’ll also take you to New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Vegas, Philly, Houston, Monterrey (MX), Quincy (MA), and more! AND I’ll show you what I bring, how I bring it, and everything else!!! Sure, big destinations have some of the best things to do, see and eat, but sometimes, it’s the little places that will have what’s best for your soul.

Hope you enjoy these moments as much as I enjoyed capturing and sharing them!