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London… a place that stole my heart! Out of all the cities on my trip, London was my favorite. Maybe it was the fact that I spent the last two months-ish in a country that didn’t speak too much English and I was just glad to be able to understand people again … or maybe this city is so diverse and multilayered that I feel right at home. Either way, I LOVE London.

I highly recommend going to the Regency Cafe link! It’s pretty highly rated for it’s English Breakfast … but I guess to the English it’s just breakfast! The usuals you get with English Breakfasts are good, beans, eggs, toast, some type of protein or another. I’m usually not a beans eater, and not cause it makes me gassy but the usual flavours just don’t really appeal to me. But these beans in like some sort of tomato soup were AMAZING! It has just a bit of tang with but sweet too! I could just dip toast in this and eat it all day! Their decor is very retro with a lot black and white photos and old school furniture. Every time I go to London, this is a must stop!

After you full of breakfast, you definitely have to check out London’s Chinatown! Their boba’s not from Taiwan but for Europe, it’s pretty damn good! You should definitely try Bubbleology! link It’s got this lab-like feel to it where you can make your drinks! So many flavours, so many combinations, you’ll feel like a rabbit in a house of Trix!

The usual tourist spots are great, especially Abbey Road. But be warned, even during random mid-day, there are a lot of tourists tryna take their Beatles picture! Tip: there’s also a live cam that captures all the shenanigans too! A commonly missed bridge to cross is the Jubilee Bridge but it’s gorgeous at night and brings you to the London Wonderground and near The London Eye! There are so many things to do London and when I went there was so little time! But next time London, we shall meet again!

Below I have a small post I’ve published before, elsewhere (also w/ more pictures too!)

My favorite stop was definitely London. Maybe it’s the British charm, or maybe it’s because it was the closest thing to home I encountered after a few weeks in Italy, but I simply fell in love with London.


The Golden Jubilee Bridge before sunset

_MG_9279 _MG_9189

One of the Golden Jubilee Bridges and the London Eye from the London Wonderground

When in the UK, we had to have an authentic English Breakfast and I heard a good place to get one was at the Regency Cafe. The interior of the cafe has a very old school feel with a tiled walls and vintage photos and posters. With the decor, the staff’s service, and the amazing food, the Regency Cafe gave off a local vibe, something that I really wanted to experience for myself. Or maybe I’m just a tourist and everything gives off a local vibe. The food itself was amazing and I don’t usually do beans, but I could do their beans and toast all day. If I’m ever back in London, this is definitely a must-stop.

_MG_9613 _MG_9611

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