Mini-Vacation to Las Vegas – September 2016

For those who follow my Instagram (link in the menus), you’ll know I went to Vegas for a weekend! I really needed a break and it was just what the doctor ordered! There is no “common” Vegas experience as everyone has different ways of enjoying it! Me, a little day clubbing, some lounging by the pool, some night clubbing, a good bit of gambling and a WHOLE TON OF FOOD! I love food! But then again who doesn’t?

For one of my brunch places (you can see some of it in the video), I went to The Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan. The decor is pretty decent, nothing too spectacular but the food more than made up for it. I’m usually used to The Bacchanal and always judge other buffets, but this one is up there with it! Their desserts were  definitely my favorite! So pretty! So good! I highly recommend coming here as a stop, but just don’t make the mistake we did and go before you go day clubbing (or to the pool)! Or do and rock that food baby!!

The Bacchanal@Caesars, as I mentioned is definitely one of the best buffets in Vegas. It’s a little on the pricier side, but the food is well worth it! Their seafood bar is well stocked, but there’s ALWAYS a line so make sure you grab a friend and bring back as much as you can! But beware of dirty glances when if grab a few dozen king crab legs like we did! Their other selections are really good too and I don’t know if they usually have this but their TACO STATION is LA quality! Real legit, real good! My favorite has got to be the dessert bar though! They always have such a huge selection and if you’re not into the experimenting with different desserts, their Gelato is a good go to as well!

My favorite restaurant from this trip has got to be NOBU. It’s located right in Caesars Palace, next to the Nobu Hotel. The food here is legit! Chef Nobu really knows his flavours and pairs them up very nicely. Their menu is designed for you to eat “down” the menu, starting with cold and ending with more warm and hearty dishes. It’s all tapas/family style, which is great as you get to try a lot of different things! They have a great selection in all their categories, from lots of different fresh fish flown in that day to Premium Wagyu Beef. I highly recommend the Wagyu beef (as shown in the video)! You can choose how you like it by letting it cook longer on their searing stones or just eating after the fire dies for a juicy medium rare! I love dining at NOBU, but be prepared to leave with your wallet a lot lighter! (unless you use card LOL)

Some honorable mentions for food is Brioche by Guy Savoy@Caesars. The brioche is actually just okay here, but I recommend these sandwiches! They don’t have a huge selection so our group got one of each. It’s great for a quick bite, especially if you have a pool party to run to next! I also recommend stopping by Serendipity 3 (at Caesars but outdoors) for a frozen hot chocolate. Usually, I’m not a fan of this drink as the more I drink it, the thirstier I get and the more I drink, resulting in a very drug like consumption of my drink. But the one they have here doesn’t create that unquenchable thirst you get from the usual frozen hot chocolates! I highly recommend getting one, especially if it’s hot out! Or if you’re feeling particularly wallet heavy, springing for their $1000 sundae…

In terms of things to do in Vegas, I don’t have many additional recommendations other than the usual, Bellagio Fountains, Canal Shoppes @The Venetian, Giant Shoes @The Cosmopolitan, M&M Museum on the Strip (next to MGM), Highroller (observation wheel) @The Linq, are just a few off the top of my head. Also if you’ve got time, make sure you head to Forum Shops @Caesars Palace and catch their Atlantis show! That one is pretty cool and is free too, but you’ll have to stand around to watch it (a nice break in the middle of shopping!)

Vegas has a ton of things to do that fits all different kinds of people! Check out my “montage/vlog” video!!! I hope you like it! Be sure to watch it in 4K!

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