This was first time working with a model and I honestly had no idea what to expect. Previously, I’ve worked with people, but those were more sporadic moments and not a planned shoot with the intention of creating the photos we made that day. Working with Elle was definitely a challenge and an experience, but from which I learned a lot. Through this shoot, I began to realize what I enjoy shooting and my style (which probably will change as I grow as a photographer). For this shoot, we shot it with Danny's 350Z, 'Bessie'. The goal of our shoot was to take something that is typically very import and JDM and shoot it in a way that’s not so. I found the challenge interesting and decided to try it.

We went to DUMBO in Brooklyn for these shots and the cobblestone, bridge, and just the whole general feel of the neighborhood was fantastic. It provided a great setting for our shoot, especially to help us stay away from the JDM-esque style that you typically see with cars like Danny’s.