Europe 2014 – Florence to Paris

After spending a few weeks in Italy, my friend, my brother, and I traveled around Western Europe a bit, hitting major destinations the best we can. From Venice, I went to Florence, back to Rome for a couple days, Zurich (2-hour stop in Milan), Amsterdam, London, and lastly Paris. Flying around would have definitely been the quicker option, but traveling by train allowed me to really see Europe differently that I would have from 10,000 ft in the sky.

Florence was unlike Venice and Rome’s, but more of a combination of both. It had the big city feel of Rome, but with the quaint charm of Venice. In Florence, I took it a little slow and took some time out to relax as my time in Venice was very fast-paced due to classes. The Florence Duomo and Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower) provided great views of Florence from within, whereas the Boboli Gardens provided great views of Florence from afar. A must stop tourist attraction is the Ponte Vecchio, a series of shops across a bridge, in Florence that crosses Fiume Arno.