Italy 2014


Summer Semester in Italy 2014 

In the summer of 2014, I spent the first half of the summer in Italy for school, finishing my degree with some electives. For the program, I spent a week in Rome and the following four weeks in Venice studying art history and photography. Having to learn more about photography in a classroom setting opened my eyes and mind up to different aspects of photography and art, beyond the technical. In my time in Italy, I shot a lot of different series (I guess you could call them that) ranging from stereotypical sightseeing shots to the candids and everyday life shots of the people of Italy. In addition, my final project for the semester was a curated series on a topic/theme of my choice (and I chose textures – as there were so many different and interesting ones in this foreign land I was in). I’ll post the different series over time.

Here, I have the sightseeing shots. Some of these shots are more stereotypical, but the lecturers I had in Rome challenged us to shoot common themes and subjects (touristy sightseeing destinations, art, etc.) from a different angle, one that you wouldn’t expect to see on the internet. She challenged us to break the mold of what was conventional and really capture the subject differently (and I shot a lot of different things with that idea in mind – most of the time anyways).